The Organization | [DABL] Cartesia red, the virtuous

Could it really be her…? DABL-JP011 Cartesia, the Saint of 赫 Aka no Seijo Cartesia (Cartesia, the Holy Red) / Red Cartesia, the VirtuousLevel 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Tuner Effect MonsterATK-1500DEF 1500You can only use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd effect of this card’s name once per turn.(1) If you have “Fallen of Albaz” on your … Read more

Love and Thunder Director Reveals Why Gorr’s Look Was Changed

When Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) hits theaters on July 8, he will look very different from his comic book counterpart. While both versions still feature a gray bipedal alien, Bale’s version lacks the character’s signature tendrils growing out of his head. The character’s dark black dress is also gone. The live-action version also … Read more

Transport boss says Japan has no choice but to buy Russian gas

Japan will have to keep importing Russian liquefied natural gas due to soaring energy prices and limited prospects for restarting nuclear power plants, according to the head of one of Asia’s largest shipping conglomerates. Mitsui OSK Lines Chairman and CEO Takeshi Hashimoto says the country lacks viable alternatives to Russian LNG, which it buys relatively … Read more

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian break silence on hospitalization

CNN — Newlyweds Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian reflect on “a scary and emotional week.” The pair posted on their verified social media accounts about Barker’s recent hospitalization. “I went in for an endoscopy on Monday feeling great,” Barker wrote in a note posted to her Instagram Stories. “But after dinner I developed excruciating pain … Read more

Actor David Earl: ‘Sex scenes? I’d rather go back to gardening’ | Drama movies

Jactor, comedian and former gardener David Earl, 48, made his breakthrough creating stand-up character Brian Gittins. He is best known for his collaborations with Ricky Gervais, appearing in the television series Derek and after life and the movie Cemetery Junction. He co-hosts podcasts chatabix and My new football club with Joe Wilkinson, with whom he … Read more

Virgin Orbit successfully launches satellites on first night mission

Virgin Orbit launched a rocket carrying seven satellites from Mojave Air and Spaceport in California early Saturday morning at 1:49 a.m. ET (10:49 p.m. local time), marking the small satellite launcher’s first successful nighttime mission. The company brought the satellites into low Earth orbit using its Boeing 747 carrier plane called Cosmic Girl, which had … Read more