Love and Thunder Director Reveals Why Gorr’s Look Was Changed

When Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) hits theaters on July 8, he will look very different from his comic book counterpart. While both versions still feature a gray bipedal alien, Bale’s version lacks the character’s signature tendrils growing out of his head. The character’s dark black dress is also gone. The live-action version also … Read more

Actor David Earl: ‘Sex scenes? I’d rather go back to gardening’ | Drama movies

Jactor, comedian and former gardener David Earl, 48, made his breakthrough creating stand-up character Brian Gittins. He is best known for his collaborations with Ricky Gervais, appearing in the television series Derek and after life and the movie Cemetery Junction. He co-hosts podcasts chatabix and My new football club with Joe Wilkinson, with whom he … Read more

Watch Hideaki Anno Play Ultraman in Shin Ultraman Mocap Reel

Hideaki Anno seems to do whatever he wants after finally finishing Neon Genesis Evangelion (for now, at least). He must do a Ultraman film and he now leads a Riders come a, letting him live by creating a new chapter for two of his superhero obsessions. And it turns out that for at least one … Read more

Sequel shots of “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once”

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” was so busy traveling the multiverse that he never found time to explore the internet. A sequel would change that. “Everything, everywhere, all at once” A24 ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ filmmakers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert were recently interviewed by Edgar Wright for Sight and Sound, where they discussed … Read more

The 8 best short films to watch at home

We’ve all been there before: looking for a movie to watch, with limited time and/or energy, only to find that all the options you’re interested in take longer than you have the space for. Sometimes this also happens with television, as we have seen with stranger things 4 volume 2whose two episodes last 85 minutes … Read more

Love and Thunder’ feature a cameo from this Hunky Hero?

Image via Marvel Studios We are entering the home stretch before the theatrical release of the latest MCU film and the unprecedented fourth entry in the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder. Fans aren’t just eager to continue the adventures of the star-studded Asgardian, they’re also anticipating the best of all MCU projects: cameo appearances … Read more

Natalie Portman Agrees Thor 4 Is The ‘Gayiest’ Marvel Movie Ever

Thor is back in Marvel Studios’ latest feature film Thor: Love and Thunder. The film sees Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder reunited with ex-girlfriend Dr. Jane Foster, who has managed to gain control of Thor’s ancient hammer, Mjölnir. Thor, Jane and their friends Valkyrie and Korg must team up to stop being known as Gorr … Read more

Philip K. Dick & Hollywood: The Essential Film Adaptations

Hasitha Fernando on essential film adaptations of Philip K. Dick… The name of Philip K. Dick needs no introduction. The works of the indefatigable author have been dazzling the minds of readers around the world for several decades now. Hollywood, however, was slow to recognize the author’s genius, hence the handful of films based on … Read more