Watch Hideaki Anno Play Ultraman in Shin Ultraman Mocap Reel

Hideaki Anno seems to do whatever he wants after finally finishing Neon Genesis Evangelion (for now, at least). He must do a Ultraman film and he now leads a Riders come a, letting him live by creating a new chapter for two of his superhero obsessions. And it turns out that for at least one … Read more

RadioShack’s Twitter Wasn’t Hacked, It’s Just Crypto Shill

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images) This week, Twitter Account for RadioShack went from just weird to totally silly. In no time, the company’s entire feed has become a veritable mine of NSFW material, including musings on vibrators, “big boobs” (misspelled), and tweets from celebrities and other accounts. of business. Remarks ranged from “sometimes I just … Read more